Ben Branagan



At the bottom of the North Sea lies a vast plain that once connected Britain to mainland Europe. This sunken realm of salt marshes and rivers became a site of myth and legend for the fishermen who dredged up the debris of distant eras from the seabed below. Today, despite analysis of this residue and the development of new technologies to map and chart the terrain, any picture of the world that existed there remains fragmented. Derived from a bastard archeology of damaged, unwanted and unverifiable artefacts, Doggerland, considers the possibilities presented by such a space. An examination of the liminal, the notional and the obscured; territories that simultaneously inhabit the past, the present and perhaps the future.

Doggerland  is the first part of the Submerged Territories series. Written, designed and produced by Ben Branagan, Luke Pendrell & Eva Verhoeven.

Published by Ponsonby Press